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Malus domestica apple tree


By Romy

Australia Au

hi just wondering i have planted this tree during autumn this year and it is now nearly spring and some bud like things are beginning to appear do i allow it to fruit this year (the kids would love to see that) or am i best to remove fruit for a couple of seasons any suggestions.


On plant Malus domestica



i live in Brisbane Au

7 Aug, 2009


just let it do its thing nature is the best judge of this question i believe

7 Aug, 2009


I'd leave well alone personally and let the tree flower and fruit if it wants to

7 Aug, 2009


great minds think alike

7 Aug, 2009


that's us NP

7 Aug, 2009



7 Aug, 2009


Thankyou I'll let it do it's thing.

7 Aug, 2009


brilliant you cant go wrong with good old mother nature she has all the answers

7 Aug, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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