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Iam after some advise about Euclayptus trees! which are the best for planting in soil that is Wet/Clay?



you do realise that euclayptus are one of the fastestest growing and tallest trees on the planet and if standing alone have a tendancy to blow over when full grown . just a thaught .

12 Oct, 2012


I had to cut mine down as they do grow to an anormous size, shame as I did like it, ok if your garden is a couple of acres though and isn't near anyones property too lol.

12 Oct, 2012


Your soil should be ok for eucalyptus, which like a soil that doesn,t dry out in summer, but I would go for a E pauciflora, sub species niphophila, common name alpine snow gum, which only grows to about 20ft and is very hardy, Derek.

12 Oct, 2012

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