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Where to get Creeping Pholx "seeds"?

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Hi there everyone Im a landscaper and I have a particular client that wants to have creeping phlox over about a 16ksq area and then up a rocky hill. My dilemma is that every where I look I cannot find any Red Creeping Phlox seeds. Ive googled and yahooed and all that and everyone is only selling individual plants at 5 or 6 dollars each. Would be much more beneficial to just apply seed and let it grow in naturally. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
PS I do know that it does produce seeds ;)

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I know that they do produce seeds, but have you ever tried collecting them? It is incredibly difficult to do. Ron Ratsco (spelling) used to sell seeds but that was some time back and I have not seen an advert from him recently. Try looking in the advert pages of the North American Rock Garden Society magazine

6 Aug, 2009


Another thought. They do come incredibly easily from cuttings. Buy one or two plants and take every piece off for a cutting.
Surprised at the price, here in Britain you can get Phlox subulata and douglassii forms for as little as a £1 a piece if you shop around.

6 Aug, 2009


The other point to make is that the plants you see in alpine sales are all named clones of the two species mentioned above. Growing from seed is going to be very hit and miss regarding getting good red forms of P. douglasii which has reddish pink named forms.

I think Owdboggy is quite correct. Find a source for a good red named clone of the species and propagate it from cuttings.

7 Aug, 2009


have you tried

12 Aug, 2009

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