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Sambucus -To Prune or not to Prune..

My two year old 'Sambucus Nigra' reached a perfect height against our garden wall this year. Do I need to prune it at all now, in order for it to reach same/ heigher height for next year. If not will I still get flowering



It will depend on how high you want it to get. Most sambucus can be absolute brutes if not kept under control.

I cut my Nigra "thundercloud" back to about 2 feet every
spring as it could easily put on 4 - 6 feet a year. I get a good shaped shrub, nice foliage colour and flowers.

8 Oct, 2012


You could leave it to flower and then prune it down to about 2' fro the final height. that way you can remove any growth that isnt in the direction you want it.

8 Oct, 2012


Yes, that's what I do too, as the flowers are to pretty to miss.

9 Oct, 2012


Thanks - I shall wait until next then!

9 Oct, 2012


Thanks -Shall wait until next year to prune then!

9 Oct, 2012

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