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Two for the price of one?

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

I know it's two questions but one is in front of the other, so I hope that's ok. The bush has lovely pink, highly scented flowers and the yellow flower in front I thought was evening primrose, but it has no scent at all and doesn't only come out in the evening. Help with identifying either or both would be appreciated. Thanks.




The one in front is defo an evening primrose. Not sure about the one behind - looks familiar tho...a closer pic might help.

26 Jul, 2009


I agree with Sid, the front is an Evening Primrose, and we could do with a close up of the back one please,

26 Jul, 2009


The front one looks like oenothera biennis, a wild flower that often self sows in gardens.
The shrub behind might be an abelia but as Sid and Daff have already said, a close-up photo would help

26 Jul, 2009


Ok, will try a closer pic of the shrub. The yellow one is everywhere - probably because I thought it a good idea to sprinkle the seeds around. Will look them both up - thank you all.

26 Jul, 2009


I agree with the others,yellow one is evening primrose, pink one is abelia.I saw evening primrose in a large garden centre being sold as a herb and the label said all parts of the plant could be eaten in salads and the roots boiled !! Havent tried this but I do have them in my garden.

30 Jul, 2009

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