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Hi I hope some one can help me. I am quite new to gardening in any fashion! I have only just managed to keep an acer and two hosta plants alive over winter ( which was a big achievement for me, most things normally die!) I have bought a Veronica/red fox and a salvia/salbel. will either of these plants come back next year, if so what do i do with them over winter? can i leave them outside in their pots, do I bring them in? do I cover them? desperatly want to keep them alive as husband is moaning that I buy plants to kill them! but I am determined to be ever so slightly green fingered even if it kills me! thanks in advance



The veronica is a hardy herbaceous perennial - the sage I think is Salvia officinalis, and this one can be just slightly less hardy. The problem is, in pots, they're vulnerable, because the compost within may freeze in sub zero temperatures, and that will kill the plants by freezing the roots. In the ground, they'd be a lot hardier, but the sage should be in a sheltered, sunny, dryish spot. If you can't transfer to the ground, then wrap the pots with fleece or bubblewrap to try to insulate them better, and huddle them together against the house wall for extra warmth, preferably in a sheltered, sunny spot.

1 Oct, 2012


thank you Bamboo I think I will take your advice to wrap them and put against the house as there is nowhere to put them in the ground! keeping my fingers crossed!

1 Oct, 2012

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