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Re my question about ripening green tomatoes. Many thanks for the constructive answers. Paper bags and window cills are out of the question this year due to the sheer weight of fruit. This really has been my best year for tomato growth and I'm estimating about 30k to use.
Many thanks to you all.



That's one h... of a lot of chutney!

28 Sep, 2012


How many plants was that??

28 Sep, 2012


Hiya Bulbaholic, I don't much like chutney! I will have to make some but not too much. I'm wondering if fried green tomato patties freeze.
Over to Lizziebee:- This was only 6 plants. I always get a lot of tomatoes but this year has been very good. I grew San Marzano,⎨plum type⎬from⎨ I don't grow round salad toms except small Tumbling Tom to eat straight from the plant like sweeties⎬. I start them off in late March with a little bottom heat using B&Q's own cheap compost and put them out in late April. I transplant them into florists buckets, you know the 2 gall green ones with handles with a 25mm hole I drill into the bottom. I have used these for some 30 years. I find them useful because having handles they can be moved in or out and around the garden very easily, until they come to their final position.To keep them warm I place a large square water bottle, with bottom cut off, over them until they are too large to fit. Over the last 3 years I have also fitted a green growbag collar over them. These have a very useful watering channel. I feed them with a non-organic Chempak Nº 8 which has an NPK of 12.5 - 25 - 25 + trace elements. This is expensive but there is a super deal at the moment of a BOGOF from Thompson and Morgan including free delivery ⎨⎬. I feed weekly as per the packet and also water mid week. Come August I spray with Bordeaux Mixture. In a normal year I start to eat them about early Sept, but this year has been a complete bu**ar. When I get more than enough I freeze them and then skin them under water and cook them down. That way we have cooked, frozen toms to last us through to about May.
You now know as much as I do. Good Luck. Thank you for your interest. SouthportSmith

29 Sep, 2012



29 Sep, 2012


Have you tried hanging banana skins around the branches? It really does get them ripening within a few days. Be interested to hear from you if you try it!

30 Sep, 2012

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