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Can you take cuttings of Fuschia, if so, how & when

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I live in Norfolk, and have been given a Fuschia plant and would like to have more and wondered if it was possible to take cuttings



You can and they are so easy. just snip below a node that has about 4 leaves on, if there are any buds nip them out, Then pop them into a small plant pot with multi purpose compost, and water.Keep an eye on them and done,'t allow to dry out. they should root in no time. I hope that explains it ok, by the way you didn't say what the name of the fuschia was .

14 Jul, 2009


you can also dip cuttings in hormone rooting powder.An old nurseryman once told me to gather all the 4 sets of leaves together and using a sharp pair of scissors reduce leaves by half.

14 Jul, 2009

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