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Here's one for moongrower please.
My plum toms are loaded with unripened fruit. I mean very heavy. With all the wet we have had this week I am afraid they are not going to ripen on the vine. How would you ripen them. I have a conservatory but that is going to get a little cold over night. I don't really have the space anywhere else. If I cut them off " on the vine " do you think I stand a chance.
Many Thanks in anticipation. SouthportSmith.



they may well ripen. pop them in a paper bag/card board box/ drawer with a ripe-ish banana check regularly every 2-3 days. remove any that show sign of rotting.

do you fancy green tomato chutney?

27 Sep, 2012


I always place my unripened tomatoes in a dark cupboard, and check them periodically and remove the ripened ones,or bad ones, as the case may be!

I often find I have a load of nice red tomatoes at christmas when they are very expensive in the shops!

I have not used a banana but I have heard this works, and perhaps speeds up the process, but I am rarely in a hurry!

27 Sep, 2012


We lay ours along the window cill (inside, of course).

27 Sep, 2012


As Bulba says we place on a sunny window sill and let them get on with it - we will have a lot this year I suspect. Other options are a drawer or brown paper bag along with a ripe banana. You could also make green tomato chutney - good luck whatever!

27 Sep, 2012


And if you dont like bananas, use nettles, 'carefully'

28 Sep, 2012

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