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can you identify this plant?


By Steve93

United Kingdom Gb

I found this plant in a tub at a pub in the Lake District but nobody at the pub knew what is was. I have looked in all my books but cannot identify it.
Bertie, I had a look at the plant you suggested but it is not that one. Mine has a much bigger flower with 'ears' at the top. It is also not an impatiens as I have checked in the books.The plant was about 9" high and spreading. It's leaves are about 1" long and narrow. The flower is about 1 1/2" long, red and purple.
I have an answer. It is a Cuphea Firecracker!




I'd guess it's some kind of Impatiens, but will have a quick look on the web to see if I can find anything like it.

13 Jul, 2009


On second thoughts could it be Cuphea llavea or ignea? This photo looks a bit like it?

13 Jul, 2009


Have checked my books too and come up with zilch. The flower looks almost orchid like, but the leaves certainly don't fit that. How big is the plant?

13 Jul, 2009


agree with bertie, it looks like cuphea firecracker (bat face), look here

13 Jul, 2009


Has to be a Cuphea of some kind - maybe Firecracker or llavea

13 Jul, 2009

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