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is anyone else studying RHS level 2 cert in hort principles in plant propagation etc via distance learning? looking for an online study buddy! thanks



Sorry I am not but I hope you find a buddy. remember you can ask for help on this site but it would be a good idea to let us know its for your level 2. It will help decide the depth of detail we can give you.

good luck with the course.

26 Sep, 2012


hello looby. I am! well I say that, my pack arrived yesterday. I have had a sneaky look through it but won't have time to start it this week, so I will start next week. who are you going with? and how much have you got through so far?

26 Sep, 2012


Hello Gerberavicki, I am with Best in Horticulture and everything is online which I have to print off (plus I usually then go google mad and print of extras which look more interesting to the eye! I am currently trying to do 2/3 hours per week spread out as time is so limited. I am at the moment learning about stem, root and leaf functions. I struggled with the Cells outcome as its very science based so going to go back to that one and learn "off by heart" for the exam but as not something I am particularly interested in, not going any further with that. I am doing these first four units and aiming to take the exam in June so taking my time! Is there anywhere on here where you can private message so we can exchange notes/emails etc Louisa

27 Sep, 2012


looby if you click on the avitar it takes you to that persons page, there is a private message button. click and you get a new window to send your pm.

27 Sep, 2012


Quote;not something I am particularly interested in, not going any further with that.

Naughty ;o))

I was always taught to learn the 'basics' thoroughly and this simplifies things that have yet to come!

If you want a bit of 'useless information' that I believe in, let me tell you something to keep in the back of your mind, as I do!

I once read a piece of biology that goes like this;

Apparently 92% of the genetic make up of a plant can be found in the human body.

This got me to thinking how?

I was amazed ( armed with a bit of imagination) how many similarities there are, particularly in the 'reproduction cycle'

For example; look at this slide show on pollinating a pumpkin if that does not have 'human conotations' I don't know what has! ;o))

Add to that the swelling to produce the seeds, and when you think;.... a woman is born with all her seeds in place at birth!

I could give you lots of more examples but I will leave you to think about it for yourself!

BTW when I am faced with a problem in my garden or allotment I often think in 'human terms' to resolve it!

As an aside; On the organic issue I rarely use chemicals but I look on chemicals as 'plant medicine & vitamins' and I give these to my plants as and when necessary.

Afterall if I am poorly I go to the doctor s/he will generally give me some chemical or another so why can't I do this with my plants?

As I said; this is a bit 'useful/less information' that has helped me in the past, perhaps it might help you two!

Best of luck to you both with your studies...Tg

27 Sep, 2012


I,m so pleased that you both found each other, do let us know how you get on it should be interesting

27 Sep, 2012


lol pamg. I know, we found each other! we r getting married next month lol!

on a serious note yes it's nice to find someone who is doing the same thing as distance learning isn't the easiest way to learn is it. very boring in fact. it's good to learn and talk to other students...

I will message u once I start looby !

27 Sep, 2012

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