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Eradication of ash tree


By Ashlynn

United Kingdom Gb

We have an ash tree growing from under a brick built garage. Impossible to dig out. What to do?



saw it off, and apply Root Out a weedkiller and then cover it with something to stop rain and animals going near it. Drilling a few holes in it first would help.
You may need to reapply it throughtout the year, but its good stuff

12 Jul, 2009


i have a similar 'problem' and i have ringed them. this means stripping the bark off in a complete ring around the stem near the soil. this stops nutrients getting to the roots and it kills it. then you can saw off the trunk later on. it takes a month or two for it to die. [rabbits and deer do this to trees with the same effect]

12 Jul, 2009


As far as I know, Root out is no longer available - see my blog on tree stump treatments by clicking on my icon, go to my home page and select blogs - there's only 4 to choose from, and it has full instructions as to what to do in this situation.

12 Jul, 2009


SBK? is that still going?

13 Jul, 2009


I am grateful to the people who answered my question. What a great website! Many thanks.

15 Jul, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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