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privet hedge how far can i cut it back


By Pirate

United Kingdom Gb

it is 6fy 3ft wide will it survive if i cut it bauck to 4x2?



It will not only survive this amount of pruning, it will put on new growth and look far more attractive. Feed and water after this treatment.

When I moved to this house, the seller offered to take out the privet hedge, but I declined the offer because it was needed as a windbreak. When first pruned, it looked like dead sticks. It is smart now and changed my mind about 'boring' privet. Actually privet is making a comeback.

11 Jul, 2009


easily handle it as heather sais

11 Jul, 2009


private was used when the first cars and steam dirty smelly engines came was so your garden looked nice while your hedge soaked up all the grime.

11 Jul, 2009

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