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Growing this variety of Bamboo

Derbyshire, England Eng

I will planting a couple of Fargesia murielae (Umbrella Bamboo) in my back garden border and was wondering if anyone else here has them and what has been your experience managing them, iv'e read a a few articles some have said they prefer shade while others have said they thrive in the sun, I would appreciate any ones comments and advice before I plant them.




They like sun, though will tolerate partial shade. Fargesia (one of my favourites) does need splitting occasionally by digging up the rootball, because although it is said it only gets about 3 feet in a clump, that's not been my experience - seems to be a regular job to dig it out, split it and give away the excess. Mine flowered 4 years ago when everyone else's did, and then died, just like everyone else's - seems we all had plants of one original about 100 years old, and so they all flowered at once and we all lost them! Glad to see there's some new available now. You'll know when it needs watering, by the way - the leaves hang vertically downwards, as if someone's flattened them all.

9 Jul, 2009


if a type of bamboo flowers every one of those type on the planet will be flowering at the same time and dying after receading.this is a big worry for the giant panda as you can can buy bamboo barrier which ive had to do but the best thing ive found is to get a big nylon strong bucket.cut the bottem out of it and bury it with about an inch sticking up.this is realy good for any bamboo type.the slight slope outwards that is on all buckets means any runners if you have that type naturaly come over the top.if yours is clump forming it will just keep it the size of the you digging it up as bamboo sais.bamboo is something to all men and everything to some.the first light bulb element used bye edison i believe was made out of bamboo.

9 Jul, 2009

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