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Whats Wrong with my tomatos


By Roger

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have 9 tomato plants all of which have excellent fruit exept one which has large brown patches on the bottom of each fruit, all are watered and fed the same




Your Tomato`s are suffering from Blossom end rot, mainly caused by insuffient watering. Your plant may recover if you up its water intake, the affected fruits are ruined tho, so remove them to give the others a better chance to recover. I tend to give my plants a water twice a day, especially in this warmer weather we are all blessed to have. Some species of plants are more susceptible than others, this would explain why only one has been cursed with Blossom end rot.

Hope this helps....


9 Jul, 2009


you can eat the top part of the fruit. its not a disease in the sense of infection. but as pd says its due to watering problems.

9 Jul, 2009

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