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Why are my dwarf runner beans flowering but not producing any beans ?

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This is my first year at growing runner beans. Some are inbig containers and some in growbags and although they have all flowered there are no beans forming and the leaves are dying off.



Only thing I know about runner beans is they like a nice, deep, richly manured root run, so I'd guess its what you're growing them in that could be the problem. Perhaps other veggie folk will have a different answer.

8 Jul, 2009


I have a similar problem with my beans, I started them off in pots inside,planted them out once safe to do so and although they are at he top of the canes now,and have had loads of flowers,they do not seem to be growing beans.
The flowers are dropping leaving the stalks behind,so probably all the talk about disappearing bees is the reason why .
Mine are over a well manured prepared trench and other years have proved successful.I will now nip the tops out and keep my fingers crossed .

8 Jul, 2009


Could of been the rain has knocked them off, or irregular waterings or perhaps as you say, the lack of bees. I haven't had any problems with bean less flowers, but they are growing in rich soil along side the flower beds where i have Lavender, sweet peas, Cephalaria. try growing some sweat peas up along side the beans to attract bees. Should still be able to get som garden centres

8 Jul, 2009


For the first time this year I have groen dwarf runner beans in pots. Not particularly large pots but I have kept them very well watered and fed from the start. They are covered in flowers and young beans and I will be enjoying the first picking in a couple of days time.

9 Jul, 2009


i have EXACTLY the same problem- is it hestia? my flowers are just falling off left right and centre! strange eh?

12 Jul, 2009

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