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my hydrangea

lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

my beautiful hydrangea has not flower this year.the back end of last year(october) i decided to trim my 6ft hydrangea down as it was encroaching onto my lawn. I pruned it back by almost half its size. Now it has an abundance of lush green leaves, very healthy looking, but no flowers. could anyone tell me why and if it will ever flower again. I have taken several cuttings of it and they all appear to be doing well, there is even signs that one of them is about to flower.



It's because you pruned it when you did - you cut off the flowering stems, but if its growing somewhere where it gets far too big, sometimes you have to do what you've just done. What you're supposed to do is tidy them up in April, removing the dead flowerheads from the previous year, any obviously dead wood and tip the tops back to the new budding growth. If you need to do a hard cutback again, try doing it just after its flowered - you'll lose the flowerheads before they're completely brown, but you might then get some the following year. It will recover and flower again, but it might always be too large for its space.

8 Jul, 2009

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