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White Rose Bay Willow Herb?

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Back in April, I posted a photo of an unknown plant in our garden and the general concensus was Rose Bay Willow Herb. Now it is in flower and it is a beautiful white! Anyone else have this?

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No, but I have seen it in another garden! It's a real beauty! Thanks for showing us. ;-) It's definitely Rosebay Willow Herb in its white form, and garden-worthy.

6 Jul, 2009


this tends to be used more in cultivation as it is less rigorous than its pinky sister.

6 Jul, 2009


A website I looked at it said it was the food plant for the larvae of the elephant hawkmoth. Another good reason to grow it.
I can't believe they only eat the white variety, but perhaps they are fussy eaters!

6 Jul, 2009


I have never heard of white Rosebay Willow Herb, but this is a real beauty and worth leaving, at least until it has flowered. I would be wary of letting it seed around though.

6 Jul, 2009


There is a real beauty of a new variety called 'Stahl Rose' that I want. The petals are pale blush pink with tepals of a deeper pale rose pink. It's a great new find.

Your white one is still lovely though.

7 Jul, 2009


Here is a link to a picture of it:

7 Jul, 2009


This was given to my mother at least 25 years ago and in that time it has made a good clump. It does put out runners but is much easier to control than the pink variety and so is easily containable. I'm interested to read that elephant hawk moths like it - we did see some last year but none so far this year.

22 Jul, 2010


I planted one last autumn - and did it come up? No. :-((( I'll have to try again - I do want this plant in my garden!

22 Jul, 2010


It is a lovely form.

23 Jul, 2010


I found a reputable Nursery who sell it on-line. I've never seen it in a Nursery or Garden centre. Fractal - they also sell 'Stahl'. If you want the Nursery, it's Cgf - Bob Brown.

23 Jul, 2010


I knew if anyone had it, they would. It's on my to visit list actually. Mum and dad have been a few times and I have always wanted to go. Maybe this year?

23 Jul, 2010


I'd love to go there, too. By the way, I think I've found a little plant coming up that is my Epilobium! It's only small, but if it's alive, it should grow for next year, shouldn't it?

23 Jul, 2010


Yes, I would think so. Pretty tough plants.

24 Jul, 2010


That's good! :-)))

25 Jul, 2010

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