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can i save my cauliflower?


By Captain

i am growing 6 cauliflowers,and all the centres have opend up.what has gone wrong?



A picture would be helpful as diffcult to see what you mean and whether it is them naturally opening up to allow caulis to form as after all caulis are basically flowers and so the plant need to allow the flowers to reach the light...

5 Jul, 2009


As Nickyt08 says, are there 'curds' (cauliflower florets) forming in the middle or are the cauliflowers actually making long flower shoots which are beginning to turn yellow as the real flowers open?
If the latter, then your caulis are going to seed prematurely which happens far too often when growing conditions aren't right, and especially in hot dry weather when you can't keep the watering going at a sufficient rate.
I find cauliflowers one of the most difficult vegetables to grow well as they need a good rich soil, lots of water, and protection from cabbage root fly and caterpillars.

6 Jul, 2009


I to had the same problem I succeed this year I grew a variety called Mayflower. I would have put a pic but couldn,t. I would recommend this variety.

11 Sep, 2009

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