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I had a lovely barrel of cala lillies, just about to bloom, someone destroyed them last night and I am wondering if there is anything I can plant in the barrel that will flower in next few weeks, thanks

conwy, United Kingdom Gb

Is there anything I can plant that will flower in next few weeks, preferably something tall and bushy, thanks



What is the matter with people that they get off on destroying someone else's treasured things? I am SO sorry about that :-((
You could try and get hold of some Bedding Dahlias or Ivy-leaved Pelargoniums. They will give you some late colour. And, believe it or not, I have sown Dahlia seeds at the end of June and had flowers by early August. It's something to do with the day-length.
There should also be Chrysanth- emums on sale in the garden centres, very good for late colour.
Hope this helps, and don't get too disheartened over ignorant louts.

4 Jul, 2009


You should still be able to get hold of ordinary pelargoniums too (geraniums) plus various other bedding now sold in separate pots (more expensive, but still available, just about)

4 Jul, 2009


Dear Scarlett6, what is so wrong with some people that they cannot see the beauty of nature?... something as attractive as a simple flower, that gives pleasure to so many.... I feel so, so sorry for them. Don't let them get the better of you, keep on trying. You have my very best wishes.

4 Jul, 2009


The Garden Centres still have bedding plants, all in bloom now. You could get a couple of purple Millet plants as a centre focal point and choose a colour themed set of plants for your barrel.

I am also very sorry to hear about the vandalism. I hope the new planting gives you pleasure, and that the mindless creeps stay well away!

4 Jul, 2009


Well, that sucks.

Fuchsias would do well. You can get them now already big enough and will be blooming from now for a couple of months yet.

4 Jul, 2009


sorry that you have had lovely plants destroyed. as well as the above try phygelius. hostas make a good show too.

4 Jul, 2009


~you may be able to get some lilies in pots that you can plant up as an almost immediate replacement~haven't been for a while but Wyevale had a fantastic huge Calla last year but a tad expensive.
Sorry to hear about the vandalism.~makes me so angry!

7 Jul, 2009

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