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How to stop slugs?

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

Im new to the gardening world but im having a few problems with th slug as my plant a disapearing in to thin air and leaves have been eaten, i have put slug pelets down but thats not stopped them. Many thanks..




Slug pellets do work with both slugs and snails, but they are slow acting and the slugs and snails often go on feeding after they've been poisoned by the pellets (or before). It's also not an instant solution as in a damp corner, like in your photo, there's probably a whole lot of them hidden away in the stones and behind the walls. If you check carefully in the morning you should find the slugs or snails often covered in slime where they have been affected by the pellets.
Do be aware that the metaldehyde pellets are harmful for birds and anything else that might eat the poisoned slugs.(Hedgehogs for example) Pets might eat the pellets directly. So it's best to put the pellets under a flowerpot with its edge raised up, and to remove the poisoned slugs or snails and dispose of them in the dustbin.
Others on GOY have suggested the use of copper tape which slugs and snails hate to cross, possibly because it creates a static electric charge, though I have yet to try this.

4 Jul, 2009


try the beer trap method all you need is a jar and acan of alcohol put jar on side with asmall amount of beverage the slugs are attracted to it and they simply drown simple but affective
and you get to drink the rest of the can

4 Jul, 2009


Thank you for those ideas, i will try the beer in a glass. like you say Bertiefox the pellets are dagerous to other animals, i have a 2 year old so i wasnt happy on putting the pellets down just incase but iv had to and iv had to barrier the little bit of garden off so she cant get in.

I didnt know if watering them every night attracted the slugs and snails more so im gunna leave it more often to water as they have demolished our sunflower plants along with lettice and all the runner bean plants..

not having much luck..

4 Jul, 2009


With the beer trap method at least the slugs die 'happy'.......
Another very succesful method, (but more time consuming), is to go slug hunting at night with a torch, a bucket of salty water and a spade......the neighbours think you're nuts, but oh, the satisfaction.....................

4 Jul, 2009


I love 'slug hunting'.....I also collect all my egg shells, especially raw shells, crush them and put them around the works for me..

4 Jul, 2009


Hi I read a very interesting artical in July,s country living mag. They say an ideal slug and snail deterrent are fresh coffee gounds. They suggest spreading the grounds wide and thin.
So get your self down to your local costa coffee for a bag of used coffee gounds, I'm going to mine in the morning although it's much to late to save my hostas this year.

5 Jul, 2009


I've read that coffee & orange /lemon peel are deterrents for the slimy ones but the rain washes them away & there's a limit to how much of that you can provide!
The copper bands are successful on some cases, as are eggshells.
Salting is very satisfactory as Silverbelle says but my answer is to go out every night with a pair of scissors & cut them in half...(not for the squeamish as they seem to be all innards when you do this!)...I then leave the bodies where they lie & they are usually gone by the next afternoon as a feast for hedgepigs & birds. The method is quick & painless (do they feel pain...the great debate?) & provides an unadulterated snack for other beasties.
My neighbours too laugh at me going round with a torch at night...but if I hear them giggling I just lob a few of the larger specimens still alive over the fence in the direction of their hostas! Tee hee.

5 Jul, 2009

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