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What is this Beasty ?


By Bubba

United Kingdom Gb

We planted 96 Asters in a border and for a while they flourished then suddenly they are being eaten away at an alarming rate! I had put down slug pellets,but then I found what looks like a Maggot about 1/2ins long with Brown head. Can you please advise me what I can do as our neighbour is worried in case the beasty gets into their garden.THANKING YOU. Margaret Firth Stockton -on Tees Teesside TS19 7HS



Sounds like some sort of beetle grub. 96 Asters? wow, that's a lot. The trouble with a monoculture like that is once a pest finds it, they have a field day......literally! as they are surrounded by their favourite food.

Probably need a picture of the grub next to a coin to give a proper id.

Can you post a blog maybe with a couple of photos?


1 Jul, 2009


Was the beasty found in the soil? If so, it fits the classic description of Vine Weevil grub. They can munch through plant roots at a devastating rate. There is a product called Provado which should get rid of them. Also, pop out in the evening with a torch and you may well be able to find the Weevils themselves. Dull black beetly things about half an inch long. They're built like tanks, but I've found they don't go very far with their heads pinched off, which is very easy to do; they have very thin necks.

1 Jul, 2009


Crikey, you certainly mean business, Bumble. Will have to try that.

1 Jul, 2009

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