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What can I put in a " growing Wall"?


By Ksmerd

Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

I have a east facing wall over looking my load bearing flat roof.
I have fitted a piece of A142 steel mesh which is 1200 wide X 1800 high with black poly membrane behind to stop the wall getting soaked. What can I plant in pots and hang from this? I would like a mix of veg and blossom. I realise I've missed the boat for this year but forward planning is all.



creeping jenny i dont know the latin name would be one lovley plant as it hangs down so well and i believe evergreen

1 Jul, 2009


There are lots of annuals which would fit the bill next summer, if you have a browse through any of the seed catalogues or plug-plant suppliers on line, you'll find lots of ideas.

Trailing pansies, pelargoniums, bacopa, petunias, surfinia, 'million bells', lobelia, trailing sweet peas etc etc. You will be spoilt for choice! In the autumn/winter, pansies and variegated ivies would look good.

I know that many people grow tomatoes and strawberries that trail, as well...not too sure about east-facing, as I haven't tried this myself. They might need more sun to ripen.

1 Jul, 2009

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