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why haven't my seeds germinated?

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two and half weeks ago, having watched Carol Klein on Gardeners World, I harvested and sowed white/unripe primrose seeds covering them in vermiculite. so far they have not germinated. have I,done something wrong or am I being too impatient?.



Germination of primula seed is always erratic - I think you just have to be patient

24 Jun, 2009


Sowing at this time of year you must be careful they don't get too warm, else they go dormant again until the autumn.
You must also keep them moist, so stand the pot in water. Don't put them in a hot windowsill, far less a greenhouse, so covered in a shady spot would be best. Some drumstick primulas I sowed last summer took until the autumn to germinate, but when they did I got lots of plants. So patience is best.

24 Jun, 2009

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