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Wild Pitcher Plant at Shadowlands and other things....


A brief update on progress. Over the last few early mornings I have been trying to clear some of the woodland at the back of us. I don’t want to go stomping all over it too heavy fisted as I am trying to retain its natural charm and vigour. However, the vines and trees are out of control (such a contrast to the benign — and lovely — tub water feature at the login page of GOY!). The amount of rain here and the heat, coupled with the volcanic soil means everything just takes off with the smallest sign of heat.

I reluctantly hard pruned a sickly (but 30 year old) camellia of some kind. The shape was lovely, but most of the branches were dead. The only way was hard pruning. I also removed some largish trees that were just wild, which really opened up the area and I have discovered another army of different azaleas. Again, they have been let go, overshadowed, and so are leggy and not performing well. But the potential is very much there. Two large azaleas trees (for they are about 6 feet high) emerged from the undergrowth and have beautiful blood-russet flowers at the moment. With a bit more careful treatment next year they will be even better. The other find was a rose bush of immense proportions. We have the wild mountain rose which I described in another blog (and am waiting till it blooms to photograph it) which has small leave and is very twiggy and scrambling. But, the one I found today has much larger leaves and a more upright habit. I believe it is some form of Rosa Ragusa — and if it is, I’ll be delighted. Just have to wait a month or so until it flowers. It’s hard to describe the density of the canopy (literally almost jungle) in that part of the woods, but with the careful removal of a few trees and pruning of others, it’s opened right up and once pruned the Ragusa (it that’s what it is) should love the morning sun that it will now bask in.

It rained all day and I got thoroughly drenched several times, but did manage a 75% sort out of the tools and bits and bobs. Actually the pump room — which is where the tools are stored — could so easily double as a forcing shed because it is dark and the onsen (hot spring water) pipes keep it a good 5 degrees above the ambient.

Finally, I came across this pitcher (?) plant growing wild on the driveway boulders. Perhaps someone can shed light on which species. The flower is more or less green going paler towards the lip of the cup (the flash makes it seem whiter than it is.

Best wishes,

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Ptaro how great to find that Pitcher plant, it is so beautiful sadly i know nothing about them so cannot help there. You sound very busy, it must be exciting to find all those hidden plants, I know I would be delighted.

15 May, 2012


Sorry Peter, I had missed this one, can`t help as regards your flower, you are having a good time and discovering some smashing treasures in your jungle, I often have a tidy up of tools but afraid I cannot really class it as even 75% tidier as it never seems any better when I put them back, lol....

16 Jun, 2012


Very pleased to here of all the discoveries you are making and the progress at clearing selected areas of your woodland to allow plants to thrive with more lighting. It must be such a bonus to have so many wild varieties of plants growing on your property :)

I'll do my best to keep up with your blogs/photos Peter. It makes my tiny back yard garden sound like not such a huge challenge (which I am finding it is for me just now)!

18 Jun, 2012

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