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Deer Accident.


By numbty


If you think lightning doesn`t strike twice to the same family…think again.
About two weeks ago my brother-in-law went out in his four wheel drive, suddenly a deer ran out in front of him
he said to his wife" theres bound to be another one" and sure enough another one came out but instead of going in front of the car it plowed into the side wing left hand side causing about £800.00 worth of damage.
Then on monday night about 9pm coming home from work hubby and I, and without any warning a deer plowed into us, I let out a scream as it made me jump and when I looked the deers face was up against the window and then he dissappeared, stopping the car getting out to have a look expected to see the deer laying in the road but he had dissapeared we could not see very much as it was dark so we had to wait till we got home to inspect “the damage” but to our amazement there was no damage only a bit of fur had got stuck in one of the side lights we could not believe our luck…when I told my dad he said" well the devil looks after his own"!!! cheek.
I do hope the deer is ok, maybe he was only stunned a little by the accident.
Who said lightning doesn`t strike twice…

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that's scary hope you are all ok :o)

18 Apr, 2012


Yes, we are fine thank you...

18 Apr, 2012


Glad you are okay .. let's hope the deer is well too ...

18 Apr, 2012


Me too, hate to think he`s dead or laying hurt somewhere...

18 Apr, 2012


Oh dear dear....sorry about that could not resist it, they can cause a lot of problems, you were very lucky.

18 Apr, 2012


LOL...Hi Dotty, yes, we were very lucky needless to say we are now very wary on that stetch of road.

19 Apr, 2012


yea glad you are both ok..what a scare dear me

19 Apr, 2012


yea,we are fine thanks...

19 Apr, 2012

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