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Another Day in Paradise


By nariz


Now that the cobwebs are off our walking boots there’s no stopping us, so we went for another walk yesterday (27.10.10) in the area by the village of Piedrasluengas (piedras = rocks; luenga = long; ergo – ‘long rocks’).

It’s one of our favourite walks as it emcompasses so many different elements – open track with views; shady beech forests; bare rock; meadows. We parked up – have you ever seen such a lovely car park? – changed into our boots

and were off along the track. Once again – the area was studded with the lovely wild Autumn Crocuses.

There weren’t many trees at that altitude to show the changing Autumn colours, but the views were spectacular all the same.

Then we were faced with the ‘Forest of Fangorn’ (apologies to J.R.R.Tolkien). This is a Beech forest that dips down to a soggy muddy centre, where each foot placement has to be carefully negotiated, before rising up again to the open sky.

Even the boles of old trees become little ‘gardens’ populated with tiny sapling trees, ferns and various mosses.

Finally we were out of the forest – without encountering any ‘Ents’ – and on our way to our favourite picnic spot.

Boots off! Aaahh!!!

Then we continued around the peak being rewarded with more wonderful sights:

Along the way we were ‘checked out’ by a Griffon Vulture. Sorry chum, we’re not ready to become dinner just yet!

Isn’t it amazing that plants will find a foothold somewhere – however precarious? And there’s a shadow ‘me.’

This was a tiny wild Alyssum – sorry the picture is not very good.

Finally, after 4 hours wandering around in Paradise, we were on our way back – out of the ‘Forest of Fangorn’ and on our way to the car.

Sorry this blog was so long. Thanks for staying with me and I hope you enjoyed the walk. :o))

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Wow, wow, wow The views are so beautiful it brought a tear to my eye, what a fantastic landscape you have to enjoy, I am filled with envy thank you for sharing Nariz

29 Oct, 2010


Nariz it was a smashing walk, the views are spectacular, thankyou for sharing your day and by the way its good to see you on the photo,LOL.......

29 Oct, 2010


Dont be sorry it was lovely being there with you, really enjoyed the beautiful photos.

29 Oct, 2010


Great pictures, majestic views, power to you for taking a hike like that, not sure I could manage it any more...

29 Oct, 2010


lovely trees ~ i see what you mean about the tolkein forest
great pictures ~ thank you for sharing them

29 Oct, 2010


It's the only way to see our wonderful world, on our feet. I'd love to go walking there.

29 Oct, 2010


What spectacular scenery and what a walk, would love to have joined you both.....thanks.

29 Oct, 2010


Thanks for your comments, guys. Know just what you mean, Heron. It riles us no end to see those dreadful quad bikes tearing along the tracks scaring wildlife and squashing lovely things like the Autumn crocuses. I know everybody has the right to their own enjoyment, but they'd all see, hear and gain so much more if they just used their feet and experienced the tranquility of the mountains. I informed Partner just the other day that I'll
be demanding to be dragged along in a wheelchair across the mountains when I'm in my dotage, so he'd better get used to the idea! :oD

29 Oct, 2010


Wonderful walk....really enjoyed it Nariz, I could feel the cold clean air.....beautiful! Loved the photos especially of the old tree stumps covered in the plants and mosses and lichens...that proves the air is really pure....and the quiet would be sooo loud! Loved it!

29 Oct, 2010


Absolutely beautiful - thank you for sharing your hike Nariz. Quite understand you never wanting to live anywhere else! It looked as if you had the place to yourselves, and peace and quiet like that is so rare. Great to see the mountains too: brought back memories of our early married life in Switzerland. I've had the Picos de Europa on my "list" for several years now . . . really ought to get there before I'M in my dotage. :))

29 Oct, 2010


Loved the walk thanks. And you had a beautiful day by the look of it, with a clear blue sky :o)

1 Nov, 2010

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