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A Decent Walk At Last


By nariz


Now that the mountains are no longer heaving with tourists and the air no longer heaving with flies, we dusted off our walking boots and headed for the mountains in the next-door Province of Castille y Leon. This started with a spectacular car drive upwards through many hairpin bends taking us over the San Glorio pass at 1,619 metres above sea level, then down a few more bends to our chosen track.

Along the way we saw areas filled with the lovely Autumn Crocus

We walked on, thoroughly enjoying the sunshine – as were these ladies!

These are Tudanca cows and I just love their fluffy ears!

The rock in this region is mostly granite and conglomerate. Imagine several million years ago when there was volcanic action and one exploded sending lava miles into the air, so that when it started to fall back to earth it was already cooling into balls which then fell into cooling pools of lava, thereby causing this ‘knobbly’ look. My knowledge of Geology is very sketchy so if my version of how these rocks were created is wrong and there are Geologists out there – I apologise unreservedly!

About an hour into the walk we found a lovely spot for our picnic and marvelled at the lovely colours the conglomerate takes on.

The track then led us along to where we could see this lovely valley, which was the way back to the car.

Anyone interested in this des. res? Prime location, quiet surroundings, parking no problem, only four-footed neighbours, nearest shop 10 k. Anyone?

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Very nice, Nariz, wish we could have been with you. I would particularly have liked to see the crocus (?nudiflorus?) in the wild.

24 Oct, 2010


how fantastic! just to be able to go there from your home, i think of somewhere like that only in terms of holidays. i bet its even more spectacular in snow?

24 Oct, 2010


Wonderful views Nariz, just googled the area, its massive.

24 Oct, 2010


lovely blog nariz, wish i was there to , all that peace and those views ;o))

24 Oct, 2010


Nudiflorus sounds about right, Bulbaholic. I assume 'nudi' because the flowers come first and the leaves come later?

Stickitoffee, the snow does make it spectacular, but I like it best in Spring when the grass and trees are new and green and the flowers are blooming.

Littlelegs, the Picos de Europa is really only a small range - just three massifs, not sure of the acreage, but what DOES seem vast is the amount of sky we can see. So much nicer than when peppered with tower blocks and pollution.

Sanbaz, the peace was wonderful. We did our usual over-played joke of "Can you hear that?" "What? I can't hear anything." "Exactly!"

24 Oct, 2010


lol funny how we do that isnt it, love peace and quiet

24 Oct, 2010


spring sounds beautiful ~ please will you post more photos when it comes round but actually i hope i wont have to wait till spring ~ please will you do some in the winter too? i do like this idea of travelling the world through someone else's camera and blog!
i know what you mean about the 'big skies' i only see a little patch and even notice the difference when we visit youngest son in east anglia
sky is lovely ~ uplifting i think!

24 Oct, 2010


I`ve taken three walks today, all in my armchair, each equally lovely in their own right,
Thanks Nariz, I especially enjoyed yours as that is somewhere I would never see without you.......

24 Oct, 2010


these walks are great aren't they? which were the other two lincslass?

24 Oct, 2010


Yes, Nariz, nudiflorus because of the nude flowers, ie, before the leaves. I say nudiflorus because I 'think' it is the only autumn flowering crocus in the region.
Looked up the San Glorio pass on the web; it seems to be an exceptionally fine area for the flowers. Somewhere else to add to my visit wish list which is already overflowing. Too many places, not enough time!

24 Oct, 2010


Ahhh....not a person in sight...bliss! I envy you the night skies

24 Oct, 2010


Pleased you all enjoyed my walk - I intend there to be many more! Yes, Tetrach, the night skies are fantastic! Hardly any light pollution so we see many more stars than we ever knew were there, and the full moon!!!!!! You could literally read a book by the moonlight here.

Bulbaholic, you should see the area when it's heaving with wild daffodills - a magnificent sight! When we climb higher up during April we often find tiny 3" versions of daffs - perfect little miniatures - most of them poking through the snow!

25 Oct, 2010


It's great to see some of the wide open spaces once again in Spain! It's one of the things I miss about returning to the UK! In Cuenca you could get into the countryside after about 30 mins walk from the centre of the city!

Lovely to see the Autumn Crocuses which I've never seen outside of cultivation before! Though I have seen some "weeds" in Spain that are prime border plants here!

It's fantastic to be able to see places we would normally be unable to visit through the eyes of others! We live in such a wonderful age.

26 Oct, 2010


Glad you enjoyed it, Balcony. I know what you mean about Spanish "weeds!" When I lived in Essex I paid pounds to have plants that simply self-seed themselves into my garden now - the Great Mullein with its tall yellow spikes being only one of them. If you look at my photo "Garden in June" you'll see a Great Mullein taking its place amongst the white foxgloves, cosmos and cornflowers.

26 Oct, 2010

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