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Cyclamen Society Autumn Show @ Wisley 13/10/2012


By naoto


This was the first time for me to see their event. Arrived in Wisley at 9:00 but I’d heard that the plants sale started as they opened the venue, so me and my friend headed the venue straight……

But the first and foremost, the following photos are about the exhibition. I must say they all looked fantastic!

C. graecum candidum

C. graecum ssp. anatolicum

C. confusum

C. graecum candidum

C. rohlfsianum

C. Hederifolium

C. graecum candidum

And I bought some seeds and these two cyclamens from Green Ice Nursery from Holland…..

This one is Hederifolium, but according to the guy of the nursery, this hederifolium has the darkest colour (it’s called “dark purple form”) among cyclamen species, and it took them 10 years to breed. I was smitten by its colour so I made the immediate purchase (lol). In fact, this one was a really quick seller – we popped out for some coffee, and it’d all gone when we came back to the venue.

It looks dark pink under direct sunlight, but it has really nice dark purple flowers in person.

This one is Cyprium and called “Galaxy” strain – it has a lovely white flowers with pink dots, and the patterns of the leaves look as spraying milk on the leaves.

Most of cyclamens being sold were from nurseries or society members (?), but RHS Wisely was also selling their “ex-displayed” plants there…..

So I bought this crocus “kotschyanus subsp kotschyanus” – lovely lilac flowered crocus but the nice bonus for me was, it came with the RHS label! (lol)

That’s all, folks!

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They look good it must be great to see them not ruined by wet weather

14 Oct, 2012


Lovely pictures of the cyclamen. I wish that I could present them as well as this. I am a member of the Cyclamen Society but much too far from Wisley to ever visit their shows. My main reason for joining is their specialist seed exchange; I have just sown 24 packets of fresh cyclamen seed so in another 20 years time I might have tubers as good as those!
Many thanks for putting up these pictures.

14 Oct, 2012


Thank you for your comments, folks!
It was really enjoyable to see beautiful cyclamens under one roof. xxx

15 Oct, 2012


Thanks for showing.
My kind of plants,do you have other ones growing as well as your new acquisitions

18 Oct, 2012


I haven't got mature cyclamen species, but I sowed the following species.....

a) Purpurascens Limone Form
b) Mirabile "Tilebarn Anne"
c) Mirabire "Tilebarn Nicholas"
d) Graecum "Ruby Strain" (acquired from Japan)

I sowed (a) in last March but haven't germinated yet.

(b) and (c) were sown just two weeks ago (I obtained these at the event)

I was given (d) by my friend from Japan in last July and 5 out of 10 seeds have germinated so far.

(d) is a strain selected by Yokoyama Nursery in Japan - its flower is darker pink (ruby pink) than normal graecums and a little bit rare variety here in the UK.

24 Oct, 2012


You have some nice ones only problem with Tilebarn seed they do not necessarily come 100% true,Not saying Tilebarn didn't keep them pure but they are in so many peoples hands and crossing occurs .
Purperescens I have and shown Pics recently but not familiar with Limone form.
Graecum I like a lot but no flowers this year they need a good baking and that did not happen.the form you have should be good.

24 Oct, 2012



Yes - each pack contained 10 seeds so I'll wait for them to germinate and grow, then I'll select the best one for me and give the rest to someone.....

I'd wanted to purchase C.parviflorum but they didn't have any at all...... :-(

25 Oct, 2012


Keeping the best and giving the rest away made me smile.
Nothing in life is that straight forward and that certainly applies to plants cyclamen included. If they germinate you have two if you are lucky three more likely years to wait for a flower and often the weakest is the best one the second best the leaves are well not that attractive third choice nice flower nearly as good as the first one but what about the stems they are twice as long as they should be, did they get drawn, will any of them be different next year .They might well be.
If you grow cyclamen you are in it for the long haul.
I am not able to offer you C.Parviflorum have grown it but became impossible for me to identify from the plain leaf C. Coum.
Sorry that is my serious head talking however you grow them enjoy them they are little Jewels that light up dark dank days.
There are other forms I have you can try if you feel you want to become addicted to them,let me know.

25 Oct, 2012



I'm planning to go to Ashwood this winter (hopefully on the day of helleborus tour which I'd like to join) so I'll try to find parviflorum there, but it'd already been sold out when I went there last January so I don't know about this time..... :-(

Yeah, my friend who gave me the seeds, warned me that I'd have to wait for it to flower for 3 years or so (lol). I wouldn't mind waiting but I think, from now on, I should go for potted cyclamen, not from seeds - (my) time is crucial.

26 Oct, 2012

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