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New mystery plants in my backyard!


Last growing season I sowed tons of random seeds that are starting to thrive and I have no idea what they are. Some could be weeds of some kind, but “if it blooms, it does not get pulled up”. Here is some of the new plants that look particularly interesting:

They all appear to have the same foliage, but have very different looking “clustered blooms”. Absolutely beautiful, what ever it is!
I have explored the fields around my property looking at what the native weeds look like and there is nothing like these little guys growing in the wild.
Any idea what they might be?

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They all look like Dianthus, n2 ... also commonly called Sweet William or Pinks. I'm not entirely sure about the top one ... I know there is a purple Dianthus, but having never seen it myself, I can't say for sure that's what it is.

3 May, 2010


The top one is Larkspur. I love it! It's considered a wild plant here somewhere although I've never seen it grow wild. I first fell in love with about 10 yrs. ago. I joined a gardening club & they sent me a few pk. of seeds that were supposed to be red poppies. I though na I don't like red but then though ah heck they are freebees so I tossed them in one of my pots. Wellllll some angel must have been close by when I said that because when they started to grow I new they weren't poppies, never mind a red one. It turned out to be my mystery plant for a very long time. I called the club they wanted a pic but I never got around to it. As it was the days of no internet & no digital camera. So I gave them the name of Fairy Wind as they reminded me of Fairies & I just loved them. It was years later I was at a nursery and was looking at the seed rack & there they were. I was thrilled but still prefer my nickname for them I just planted some of the seeds today in fact! They come in a few different colours. Pink white & purple.
They will give you many seeds so keep them going.

Ur second pic looks like a Carnation but not sure but u cud google it.

Benieh is right about the others Dianthus & u may not believe me but I just planted a 6pk of them in the garden today also. Along with purple Lobelia & some tomatoes.


3 May, 2010


Yes, apart from the first picture, which i agree looks like Delphinium, the rest are Dianthus - there are many types of them and i love them too.
I have several types here !

3 May, 2010


if the top one is an annual it is larkspur if perennial it is a delphinium. I too think all the others are the biennial Sweet William. It is a Dianthus.

3 May, 2010


Oh my!
I can't thank all of you enough for the plant identifications! My main gardening problem is that I have no idea what kind of plants that I have, but I do know how to treat soil and give plants the optimum growing environment using a strict organic program. I just love seeing happy plants in the ground and in containers!

The one at the top being larkspur just makes my day! I had tried to grow some a few years ago and it died because I had not yet learned about how to treat the soil with organics instead of synthetics.
Now that my entire backyard has been 100% organic for about 2 1/2 years, I am finally able to grow new things that would have never survived before. It is quite amazing how Mother Nature works once the soil has that rich biologically balanced ecosystem going on.

4 May, 2010


I love sweet williams they are so different

4 May, 2010

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