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A garden problem!


Last year I had put my Cannas on an organic program and they are spreading like crazy, just like I wanted, but we have a little “issue” with one of them that has done something unusual. It has decided to grow up through one of the bricks that line the flower bed:

Cannas grow via “tubers” in the ground and the growth on top of the brick is too large to pull down through the hole, so it looks like the best solution to relocate the plant will be to use a chisel and hammer to split the brick, free the plant, transplant it, and replace the brick with a new one.
It’s growth looks so good that sacrificing a 33 cent brick to save it is the best option.
I thought about just letting it grow out of that hole, to see what happens, but the plant would reach a point where the brick would restrict its’ stem growth and act like circling and girdling roots on a tree. That would set up a “stress condition” that would invite predatory insects to the plant that could possibly spread to my other Cannas and we don’t want that!

This small project will be interesting to watch.

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These look like pretty big holes. Will the stems grow to fill the holes? If that is the limit of the border maybe the plant needs to be removed anyway. Putting off the inevitable does not provide a solution. If the plant is in the wrong place it has to go now or later. You say the Canna is spreading like crazy. You have to make up your mind to either restict its growth or let it take over your garden till it becomes a weed. Sorry but you cannot have it all ways. There are lots of us in UK who would love to have your dilemma as we need to move Cannas inside in winter.

1 May, 2010


If its spreading? I suspect you will have more plants doing the same thing?

1 May, 2010


I think that what I am going to do is just let mother nature run its' course and see what happens, take photos, and learn.. Plants can be great "teachers". :-)

6 May, 2010

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