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Why plants amaze me..


Have you ever considered what the oldest and most successful life form on the planet Earth is, from its’ beginning?


Why is that?

Plants adapt, propagate, and mutate to suite their environment better than any animals have ever done. Best example: The mass extinction of the Dinosaurs.

Plant life survived, thrived, adapted to the environment and propagated to ensure survival of the species.

We all gather here on this site to show off plants and what they can do, but have you ever considered what these miraculous life forms have done in the billions of years since the Earth was created?

They were the very first signs of life on this third rock from the sun and are still here for us to enjoy and “spoil”..

Such a crude and yet evolved life-form! Gotta love it!

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Plants are the productive life forms. Animals are parasites, they couldn't exist without the food provided by plants. Admittedly animals do give something in return, e.g. elephant droppings or transport services. (bees carrying pollen, fruit-eaters carrying seeds)

16 Apr, 2010


can i just stake a claim for the humble bacterium that is older still! And there is a line of thought that chloroplasts were once bacterial forms.

16 Apr, 2010


Yes, we mustn't forget the vital role bacteria continue to play in our lives... Just because we can't see them doesn't mean they count for nothing.

16 Apr, 2010


evrythin htat exist today has evolve from begin so all are eqaul -small point-dinosaurs not extinct -crocadile?

16 Apr, 2010


Great points! Single cell organisms were the very first life, but I often wonder if the very first single celled microbes were a "plant" or "animal"..

Gurthbruins raises a great point! Plants have parasites, BUT in the long run, plants benefit from the decay process. (compost)

Quite an amazing planet we have here.. ;-)

17 Apr, 2010


no more amazing N2 than hte process by wich it do exist -evolutoin=genetic creationwith varibal heeeereditry until it can surviv wiht what exist -even science peepal now thinkin htat hte big bang went like that to cos it keep try to explode until hte energy same as anti-matter
why theer no enuff dark matter in universe i no sure-i just no i have to much in my head-hehe

17 Apr, 2010

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