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Little signs of Spring!


Last night we got down to freezing with this latest cold snap here in Waco, TX, but I suspect that it was the final one because of what my plants have been doing this week.
I had planted some pansies in my “wine barrel planter” and they are looking great, but the Dwarf Pomegranate growing in the center looked dead:

All of its’ branches were quite brittle, but when I examined it closer to its’ inner growth, get a load of what I found!

It had some fresh spring growth and is still alive! It just made my day!
I had thought that this harsh winter had killed it. I’ll just leave it alone and see what this ’lil guy will do.. And to think, I was contemplating pulling it out and replacing it with something else.

Even some of my seed grown container trees are showing signs of life! Remember the two test trees from last year? They are showing signs of life:

Here’s the three of them:

I think that they will do quite well this growing season since they have been on a pure organic program from seed.

Last weekend I had prepared a special pot of compost, earthworm castings, green sand, lavasand, zeolite, and Rabbit Hill Farms potting soil to see how some Baby’s Breath seeds would react. Normally you would plant them in a “seed starter mix”, but I wanted to see how well my best potting soil formula would work with seeds. Only ONE week later, lookie here:

It’s a little out of focus because the growths were so tiny, but the seeds have already germinated and broken ground! I just love it!

I just hope that many of the GOY users share the intense joy that I have seeing our plants thrive and take on another growing season. It is the MOST exciting time of the year for me!


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You've some great surprises there .... what with the Gypsophila and the Pomegranate :-)))

22 Mar, 2010


Yes, the equinox (now) is the real start of the astrological year - the beginning of spring, when some very cold snaps are possible overnight - not like our opposite here (autumn) when warmth still lingers on...

And though you are a couple of degrees closer to the equator than I am, you are much further inland...

I am glad you enjoy your springtime so much !

22 Mar, 2010


It is great to discover new growth on a plant that you thought was dead.

22 Mar, 2010


gad to see your plants are recovering well N2,i like your barrel planter too.:o))

22 Mar, 2010


I just love it!
At first I was a little hesitant about how well an organic program would work in the long run, but this pretty much "sealed the deal"! The Pansies in that old wine barrel are growing in the richest soil mix that you can imagine. It's been one of my major "test areas" and the survival of the Pomegranate is spectacular! That little guy saw temps in the "teens" for days on end this winter and made it through!

The big test will be this summer and see how long the Pansies survive into the hotter season. Normally they die out when it gets warm. We'll see what happens..

23 Mar, 2010

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