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Priceless old photos!


While doing a little “spring cleaning” on my computer tonight, I un-earthed a few photos of our little adopted cat shortly after he discovered the wonders of food scraps in the sink:

Now he regularly checks out how well Mom and Dad have pre-rinsed the dishes:

That’s ’ma boy!

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He's adorable - what a lovely bushy tail !

21 Mar, 2010


Gurthbruins, he is the best cat that I have ever owned! He will play with his "toys", but never gets into things. He also has a new routine.. After I have built a nice fire in the fireplace, he'll jump up in my lap and want to be rubbed for hours on end.. He's out little "rub - glut"! {chuckle}

23 Mar, 2010


Oh that is sweet - sometimes when I'm watching telly (which is not much) Jessie will jump onto my lap and then one really doesn't have the heart to throw her off, also it seems to hurt her feelings - we have a great dodge to get over that one - David rattles her pellets in the kitchen and she is off like a shot !
Even though the pellets were there all the time, as Jessie knew perfectly well !

27 Mar, 2010


Guathbruins, what kind of pellets are you talking about? We feed the little boys some "cat treats" that come in small bags and they always start looking around when I open up the "treaty bag". It's like a wake-up call for them and I always have all three boys in the kitchen when "treaties" are being handed out.. Funny boys! :-)

1 Apr, 2010


Jessie gets hard food (hard, dry pellets, though I do notice they are not called that on the pack)(the packet says "Hill's Science Plan" and says made in the EU (european union I suppose), and lists websites all over europe. eg "". Said to be a complete food for adult cats.

There are always pellets in a tin bowl available to her, she comes in several times a day to have a few, with great interest and appetite, but she eats very little altogether, is soon satisfied, and is very lean and trim.

But that's only half her diet. She also gets soft foods, such as
1. Purina Pamper (see (lamb flavour cuts in gravy)
2. Puddi-kat TUNA IN JELLY premium cat food (product of Thailand, see )
3. Catmore Kitten (with beef chunks in gravy)

-yes, she still gets kitten food at 18 months of age.

She also gets stuff like salmon, smoked snoek (something similar to barracuda) occasionally, plus the odd teaspoon of marmite, peanut butter, curried vegetables or whatever I happen to be eating myself...

One never needs to restrict her eating, because she does that herself.

1 Apr, 2010

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