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Saving an old-timer


My wife has had an old potted clover that has grown indoors in a 5 inch pot for over 20 years and our new cats took a liking to the taste of the leaves and almost killed it. Until now!
I moved it into my office room, placed it in the window so it would get good light and started feeding it with my compost tea mix instead of tap water.
The poor little thing had NO green before I rescued it.. :-(
I thought it was dead but I just had to try to save it because it was so old.
After three weeks if intensive TLC and organic feeding it is growing once again and has BLOOMED for the first time!!! Here is what it looked like tonight:

Sometimes the smallest plants in our collections capture the heart as much as the large ones! I was absolutely thrilled to see this little guy come back to life after being so close to death just a few weeks ago. Plants are way too cool!

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Thats brilliant. Plants are amazing and so resilient.

11 Feb, 2010


Good to see that plant looking perky again :o)

11 Feb, 2010


Your my Hero!!
It makes you feel wonderful when you resurrect a plant and it comes
into bloom like this one has done. Good for you!!

11 Feb, 2010


I think that's an Oxalis triangularis, N2. Glad it's doing well. :-)

11 Feb, 2010


very pretty little chap.

11 Feb, 2010


Thank you SO much Spritzhenry for the positive identification! I had no idea what it was.
Now that I know what it is, I can custom tailor an organic program that fits the little plant's exact needs and watch it grow like crazy! My wife will probably not like the idea of re-potting it and "dry rooting" it into a new container, but I know that this little little guy will take off and thrive like crazy in a new bigger organic home! {grin}

12 Feb, 2010


Did you realise that this grows from corms? It won't be one plant, it should be a number of them. Be careful, it'll fall apart if you re-pot it!

12 Feb, 2010


Exactly! The root system must be maintained and must be relatively undisturbed during a re-potting. This is one little guy that CANNOT be dry-rooted into another pot. I just found this out while doing some research on it tonight.
The plan is to pull the intact "plug" out of the old pot in one piece and place it into a much larger container filled with a super rich organic soil mix and let mother nature determine how the "plug" wishes to propagate into the new "home". We'll see what happens.

13 Feb, 2010


Good luck with it/them. :-))

13 Feb, 2010

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