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Big freeze!


Today was the 3rd day that our temps were well under the freezing point with an expected low tonight of 13 degrees. Most of my plants have died, about 80% of them, but some are still alive. I have moved all of my most prized potted plants into the garage and they are doing ok thanks to my little space heater that I run to heat the garage.

A lot of my in-ground landscaping plants have died, BUT a few have survived and are looking pretty good! The “Dusty Miller” is looking great, the roses are looking good, and the “Shasta daises” that were grown from seed in an organic flower bed last summer show signs of “cold related cosmetic damage”, but are still very much alive and thriving! I really didn’t expect them to do so well.

Next growing season should be pretty fun, now that I know more about the “cold hardiness” of what I have planted in the native soil.

I just cannot get over how my roses have resisted the cold! Must be the organic environment that they are growing in. I have heard that most plants that are growing organically, have a general 4 degree temperature advantage in “cold hardness” over their counterpoints.. Apparently this is quite true from what I have observed this winter.


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N2, i didn't realise Texas would get temperatures below freezing, i thought your state was a hot one.

10 Jan, 2010


N2 our temperature is regularly dropping to that overnight (-10˚C) and has gone down to -14˚C which is approx 6˚F. Today it is not set to rise above -10! Fortunately the deep snow cover is protecting most of the plants. Scotland has had three weeks of this with no respite in sight and England has had a few very bas spells too.

10 Jan, 2010


Don't despair yet N2, It's too soon to tell yet and it's amazing what will re-grow from the roots. I too didn't know that it could get so cold down there. It's affecting unusual places all over the world, like an apocalyptic Hollywood movie. Roll on Spring, we'll be more greatful this year.

10 Jan, 2010


Is this happening in other states, N2? We in the UK are experiencing our coldest winter in 30 years here.

As Heron says, we'll be very pleased to see the spring! :-))

10 Jan, 2010


Sorry about some of your plants but some are doing alright, think a lot of us in the UK will be in same place as you with some losses and some doing fine, like Spritz says its the worse over here for 30yrs, still like to know where this clobal warming suppose to be ......

10 Jan, 2010


I never believe my plants have died till the spring comes and proves it. So take heart some may look dead and still survive.

10 Jan, 2010


I agree Denise

10 Jan, 2010


Yes, Texas can be very hot in the summer months, but the winters can be quite brutal in the area where I live. This year is turning out to be a particularity cold winter.. We had a cold winter like this back in 1984 with a lot of snow, but nothing like this! Must be "global warming" {chuckle}
Please send some "global warming" this way! My plants would love it!

11 Jan, 2010

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