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Day after Christmas bulb experiment update!


Tonight’s update on the “paperwhite bulb’s” measurements was a little difficult because I had a great deal of “assistance” from my " feline lab technicians".
When I first started, the two “lab techs” became quite interested in the measuring device and both of them wanted to inspect the proper placement of the tape-measure:

This long “yellow thing” that Daddy placed into the organically growing paperwhite container was quite fun to play with! Here’s the trusty “lab techs” in motion checking it out. Yes, we were pawing at it quite vigorously to insure that the device was up to our standards :

The “lab techs” decided to let the experiment continue and backed off for a few moments, although Mystic has his paws on the container and thought that a “second opinion” might be in order:

At that time, Smokey concurred with Mystic’s assessment of the experiment and inspected the area personally to assure “quality control” and make sure that the “baseline measurements” and protocol procedures were properly followed:

Now that the two “lab techs” have thoroughly inspected tonight’s experiment, I got a super accurate measurement of the organically grown paperwhite’s growth tonight:

We’re currently at a height of 24.5 inches. A 1/2 inch gain since the last measurement of the organically grown “paperwhite bulb” !
I was going to take measurements of the bulb that was growing in the pure “lavasand mix”, but my lab assistants decided to take a “lunch break” and follow that up with a nap:

Smokey awakened from his nap long enough to tell me, “don’t waste your time on that lavasand bulb, the organic one is rocking”, And then he drifted off to sleep.

He was probably correct with his assessment of the bulb experiment.
{huge chuckle} N2O

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