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Christmas eve paperwhite update! :-)


What a cool day!
After visiting family and friends this Christmas eve, My wife and I arrived back at the new house @ about 9:00pm and I did my usual measurements on my paperwhite bulbs that I have been experimenting with. The paperwhite that was growing in the organic potting soil mix has finally hit it the magic 2 foot mark tonight!

What an unexpected “Christmas gift”! 24 inches of growth on Dec. 24th!
This little bulb has been growing in a pot of “Rabbit hill farms” brand organic potting soil and was planted high in the soil with the top 1/3 of the bulb fully exposed.

Since it is growing indoors, it needs very little water and when it IS watered the food is a mixture of 2 oz. of Garret Juice per gallon of rain water. The link explains how to make this wonderful plant food mixture yourself. Believe me, this stuff is the “holy grail” for feeding plants the natural way. I have had outstanding results in all of my plant experiments when I incorporate the Garret Juice in the watering routine.

Oh, by the way, when I was taking tonight’s measurements and shooting photos for this blog, my faithful “lab assistant” was right in the middle of things trying to “help”. He was making sure that the table was stable and would not interfere with the data collection! {chuckle}

Merry Christmas to all of the great GOY plant and pet fans! You folks are the best on the net!

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Merry Christmas N2, to you, your wife, Mystic and Smokey :-)))

Don't forget to take pictures of the pusscats opening their pressies .... and then playing with the paper .... mine love the paper !!!

25 Dec, 2009


Merry Christmas, N2O!

25 Dec, 2009


Merry Christmas N2, I am going to give your suggestions for organic growing a trial next year

25 Dec, 2009


Merry Christmas N2 - did you get snow? We just got weather in the 20's. I told my grandson - junior in high school about your project. He is doing a science project with plants in different "locations." One in the kitchen, one in front of the t.v., etc. When he comes over later, I'll show him your pictures! Very nice... (p.s., they have cats and dogs too).

25 Dec, 2009

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