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Action on the patio!


Lately, there has been a field mouse that has decided that my patio is a great spot to hang out during this week’s cold snap. The patio faces south and blocks the cold north winds in the winter.
Of course, “Trouble” (our oldest cat) is having a nuclear meltdown every time he spots the mouse on the other side of the door:

He is an 8 year old tabby that is the best “mouser” I have ever seen. In the above photo, I just know that he’s thinking, “Oh boy, oh boy, just open that door for one second!”… {chuckle}

That’s ’ma boy!

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My cat Strider is a great mouser also, she was born on a farm and is a typical farm cat- no mouse is safe. Problem is she also brings rabbits home from the farm fields nearby- usually unharmed and I end up either chasing them round the garden to catch and release them back on the field or on the odd occasion she's even got one through the cat flap and let it go in the house! The most embarrassing thing though, was brought in by my old cat -no longer with us unfortunately, she came home with half a roast chicken still warm once!
Love the picture, did she get her mouse or has it lived to pull faces at Trouble through the window another day? :-D

13 Jan, 2011


Perhaps you could send Trouble over to me .I could use her in my potting shed at the moment.Over the last few weeks, Field Mice have got in and dug loads of compost out of my pots of overwintering plants, as well as eaten through bags of grass seed, leaving the seed all over the floor.They've also tucked into my stock of bird food, so I've moved it to the other shed and hope they don't find it!!,Not to mention all the holes they've made in my fleece sheets and netting!!! I had a bit of a tidy up in there yesterday but it's still a real mess.So, if Trouble fancies a holiday...she can come and chase mice till her heart's content!!!!!!

13 Jan, 2011


My cat Golly, is also a prolific mouser, she once brought home a mouse caught in a trap. Now, is she very clever and set the trap herself?

Recently I brought home a family of Gerbils from work, the babies needed to be sexed and the family split up accordingly. I made sure the cats had no access to the room where they were, but having glass paned internal doors the cats noses were squashed against the glass all day and night.
Cas hey, I wouldn't be without them.

13 Jan, 2011


Trouble is waiting so patiently, he looks like a very alert guard......
I have four cats, three of which do bring me gifts, I also have mice that I think are bedded down under my shed which is next to my bottom greenhouse, last winter they ate all my bulbs which I`d stood in there for protection, I`ve tried leaving the doors open so the cats can go in at random but it hasn`t deterred the little beggars, I daren`t set poison or traps in case I harm the wrong creature, needless to say my bulbs are not in the bottom greenhouse this winter...

13 Jan, 2011


n2o ... I have just posted a pic for you!

13 Jan, 2011

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