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My forrest is going away.. :-(


Next to my property is a wild wooded area that is absolutely beautiful and is a great habitat for the local birds, bugs, and native critters. It used to look like this:
(A photo from last summer)

The city is developing that area this winter and has totally destroyed that great habitat… A lot of great trees and native plants have been destroyed. It’s so sad, because I have been taking care of some of the plants in the area, even though it was not my property..
There is a huge wild grape-vine that grows almost 150 feet throughout the forest canopy that I have been watering, and amending the soil where the momma plant grows and last summer her grapes tasted WONDERFUL!

Now that beautiful area has been “nuked” by the developers:

The habitat for the birds, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, owls, hawks, bobcats, and snakes has been destroyed.. :-(


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In the wild Nature has it's own way of controlling numbers, sadly we humans look at the predicted population growth figures and.......grow more food. Why? because each creed wants to out breed the other....... recipe, disaster. Happy new year.

27 Dec, 2010


Agree Heron, unfortunately this is what they call progress. Hope you are enjoying Christmas n2o, all your family, critters as well.

27 Dec, 2010


How very sad N2o, I remember seeing your photos of this area, such a shame. You will have to wait and see what happens there and keep us informed. Sad day. :~(

27 Dec, 2010


It's a shame they have destroyed that beautiful area. :-(( Trees are being cut down all the time here, often I can see just no reason whatsoever for cutting them down. Sometimes it may be for security reasons but often it just seems like happy-go-lucky-with-a-chainsaw!

27 Dec, 2010


What a disgrace.......More blocks of flats I suppose.....Lol They call it progress...........huh!

28 Dec, 2010


Exactly, Milky... They call this "progress"?
I have tended that Forrest area for three years and know every tree and ground dwelling plant in the area..
That area taught me more about organic growing and mother nature than any source out there!
I will miss it..

29 Dec, 2010


The trees cut down here haven't made way for anything else. That's why I said "often it just seems like happy-go-lucky-with-a-chainsaw!"

29 Dec, 2010

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