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Office plant thrives!


This is most interesting..
Two years ago my wife gave me two bamboo shoots that she had purchased from a local grocery store. The bamboo was about 1/2 inch by 6 inch. Just some cuttings with no leaves.
Being curious, I put the bare bamboo stalks into a cup of water to see what would happen and also placed a small cutting from an ivy in the same cup. Instead of using just plain water, I have been feeding them with a diluted mix of this stuff: About 1 tablespoon per gallon of water..
After two years of growing in a pure liquid environment, indoors, with NO soil, the plants look like this:

This is awesome because the plants share a common container indoors and live in a room that has relativity low light in the daytime. The liquid food in the cup has never been “drained and refreshed” because I wanted to observe the natural biological activity that would take place over time. This is fascinating!
The water has always evaporated at a rate of about 1/2 inch per week and I’ll add water weekly, but add the above plant food once per month.

The little ivy has tripled in size this year and I have no explanation why.. :-D

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I suppose that as some orchids are suited to hydrophonic growing, then there is no reason why other plants would not be as well. Just a matter of trial and error. Sound like a nice way to grow bamboo!

9 Dec, 2010


Those bits of bamboo are sold over here in IKEA as houseplants, and I think they do tolerate low light conditions. The ivy doesn't look like ivy to me, looks like Syngonium with no variegation because of the low light levels...

9 Dec, 2010


Meanie, you might be right.. I am also growing a few orchids in the window of that same room and they are doing OK, but not really thriving..

10 Dec, 2010


Bamboo, you are absolutely correct!
The thing that I thought was an "Ivy" is indeed a Syngonium species. I did a little research and the photos are exactly what you identified. Thanks!

10 Dec, 2010


Houseplant over here, of course, N2Organics, does it grow outside where you are?

10 Dec, 2010


Yes it does, Bamboo. I have the mama plant in the garage for the winter and she is looking great despite the slightly lower light level. I have not yet experimented with one of them in the native soil yet, but that is on my spring-time "plant experiments" agenda for next year!

12 Dec, 2010

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