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Day after Thanksgining freeze carnage!

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Friday night we had a rather nasty frost here in central Texas as temps dipped into the high 20’s.
There were a few casualties in the gardens that included these:

The Cannas took the worst hit, but they do every winter and will bounce back next growing season.
Another casualty was my prized Esperanza that was still blooming at the time:

Poor thing never stood a chance, despite being covered with some “floating row cover”..
The next casualty was my bell and banana pepper plants:

They are very unhappy, but gave us a wonderful bowl of peppers before the frost:

The final casualty was my “Cousin It” morning glory vine that used to look like this before it got cold:

Left to right is my mammoth sunflower, me, and “Cousin It”, the morning glory mound. Poor “Cousin It” didn’t fare very well after the frost:

One cool thing is that “Cousin It” is covered with seed pods that yield about 5 seeds per pod and I will have more morning glory seeds than I know what to do with next spring!

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Sorry to see the frost damage ... loving 'Cousin It' though! Peppers looking good too. : o )))

29 Nov, 2010

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