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Cat grass rebounds!


My wife had bought some “cat grass” for the boys and it died after about 3 weeks. She was going to throw it away and I fished the little container out of the garbage. The grass was totally dead and brown.. :-(

I gave it some earth-worm castings and compost tea to see what would happen and 3 days later, look at this:

I have a few blades of living grass!!
This plant was totally dead and a little organic TLC gave it some life!
Absolutely amazing!

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Brilliant - never give up then.

19 Sep, 2010


Maybe that's why all of the neighbors call me "The plant guy".. They will often drop off a dying container plant to see if I can save it and my success rates are about 90%. Most of the problems have been poor soil, been fed with salt based fertilizers, and I simply bare-root the plant into a biologically balanced organic potting soil mix. They usually thrive and grow like crazy after that.. {grin}

20 Sep, 2010


What are salt based fertilizers - are they the ones we buy without knowing what they contain?

21 Sep, 2010


Exactly Ginellie!, this will explain it:
What’s wrong with synthetic fertilizers?

There are all kinds of problems with synthetic, high-nitrogen salt fertilizers. Most importantly, they are basically salts. These salts build up and damage the soil and plant roots. High levels of nitrogen force fast growth that results in a very weak watery cell growth in plants. Plants grow and flower in the short run but the imbalance and the watery cells that are created bring on insects and diseases. Plant health is decreased long term. Nature’s job is to take out sick plants and to encourage the survival of the fittest. Synthetic nitrogen, even if attempts have been made to artificially slow its release, is soluble and doesn’t stay put in the soil. Rain and irrigation after application washes it away and leaches it through the soil into the water stream.

The worse possible choices? 1) Chemical weed and feed fertilizers
2) Nitrogen only fertilizers such as 24-0-0
Plants love how "mother nature" does things in the forest, and the same techniques can be applied to a garden with spectacular results! ;-)

22 Sep, 2010

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