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The cats enjoying a treat!


Everybody knows that cats eat grass from time to time to maintain their digestive system.
My cats get to dine on a very specially prepared St. Augustine pot that has been grown from a sprig.
In the past, I had been buying the cats some “cat grass” from a local pet store and paid WAY too much for it.
I was concerned that the “pet store cat grass” might have been “mass produced” with chemical fertilizers, so I grew my own grass in a pot prepared with “Rabbit Hill Farms organic potting soil”, some Texas green sand, lava-sand, plus a splash of “earthworm castings”.

I have been trying to come up with the perfect “cat grass formula” by watering the grass with either rain-water or a “city water” mix of compost tea, liquid sea-weed, and fish emulsion to enhance the taste of the grass.

The St. Augustine grass in the pot grows like crazy and the cats just love to “mow it” when I bring it indoors. Here’s the video of the “boys” testing the new watering formula of their “cat grass”

They seem to like it!
Of course, I had to zoom in on our newest “baby” while I was filming.
That little critter was “Izzy”, a female kitten trying to compete with “the boys”! {chuckle}
She holds her own, has been doing great..

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What a great idea, growing cat grass, never thought about it. My three seem content to wander around the garden , seeking out the best bits. Like me, I have 2 boys and a girl, it won't be long before she starts to rule the roost, believe me. :o)))

3 Sep, 2010


Yes, Littlelegs, our newest little female is starting to "put the boys in their place" when they play. Although she is quite young, she "out-plays" the older boys every evening! Every "cat toy" that we have purchased for the older "Boys" has been taken over by our new baby and she tears them up! It's so funny to watch!

4 Sep, 2010


Don't you wish organic pet stuff was cheaper at the shops? Prices on organic food are really going down these days, why isn't it the same for our animals?
(Excuse my rant ;o) )

4 Sep, 2010


Pip C, actually organic food is very cheap to grow.
The initial investment of organic amendments to get the soil in a good biological balance is a little high, but after that, plants need FAR less water, require less maintenance, and resist pests and diseases.

I took me about two years to fully convert my property to pure organics. but the results have been well worth the time. I can now plant almost anything anywhere and it will thrive like crazy!

Organically grown "cat nip" is fun to play with. Blows away what you can buy in the pet stores. {chuckle}


5 Sep, 2010


One problem , we don't have cats lol

6 Sep, 2010

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