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Awesome harvest tonight!


My seven little pepper plants have been producing like crazy despite the intense heat-wave here in central Texas this week!
The highs since last Sunday have been above 100 deg. F with no rain in sight.
I have been watering daily in the mornings and my pepper plants have produced this after the last harvest only two weeks ago:

These organically grown bell pepper and banana pepper plants are amazing, producing this many peppers every two weeks! The largest one is a bell pepper plant that is only 2 feet tall. Most of the others are less that 1 1/2 ft tall.

Tomorrow night my brother in law is hosting a little family get together with steaks on the grille and I’ll be introducing him to my special grilled stuffed pepper treats!

The recipe for anyone that wishes to try this is:

Cut bell peppers in half and de-seed in the inside.
Coat the inside of the pepper haves with “extra virgin olive oil”.
Fill with cheddar and any other cheeses.
Wrap in foil and cook on the grille for about 45 minutes to an hour.
Do the same for the banana peppers..

It is SOOO yummy!


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Well done! We never had much success with Capsicums, they always ended up stunted, black, etc...
Enjoy your meal!

7 Aug, 2010


they do seem to love the heat n2, I grow them in the greenhouse and although its cooler now the heatwave that we had when they were growing made them quite prolific, I'll try your recipe, I grow a mixed colour bell pepper and one called ' tasty grill pepper ' which I think looks longer than your banana, there was 'big banana' -- a red-- but these grills are very sweet oiled and put straight on the grill until the skin is black then in a plastic bag, as they cool the skin will rub off , you then put them in olive oil with basil & garlic ( if liked), they are really moorish , the only problem is now that the heatwaves over its too cold out for a barbie-- we're hoping for an 'indian' summer soon !!!
Enjoy your party ;o))

7 Aug, 2010


Yum, thanks for that, next time we light the BBQ....................

7 Aug, 2010


Well done I had hundreds lasy year this year non as yet?

7 Aug, 2010


wonder why that is freddie?

7 Aug, 2010


Yummy N2 ...feta works well too. :0)

8 Aug, 2010


Yummy!! I like goat's cheese in sweet peppers, too! Great-looking peppers! :-)

8 Aug, 2010


The party went off great and everybody raved about the peppers!
None of them had ever eaten freshly picked organically grown
food. {grin} We had a great time and talked plants and gardening
well into the evening. It was a blast!

9 Aug, 2010


So glad it went well for you! The more people we can convert to organic the better! [Says she who works at an organic fruit shop here in Sydney!]

10 Aug, 2010


Happy to hear that it all went so well, especially with the roasted peppers!!!!

Has the entire neighborhood gone organic, now??????? :-))

10 Aug, 2010


I'm still working on the neighbors.. {chuckle}
All of my landscape plants are thriving and healthy despite the intense heat and I rarely water them. Once the native soil has a good biological balance, plants require far less water. {grin}

23 Aug, 2010

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