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When it comes to plants, I just love “BIG”!
Despite the extreme Texas heat this summer, some of my most prized plants are doing really well, especially my mammoth sunflower. It has grown a seed-head to die for that is almost 10 inches across:

The leaves just blow me away with a diameter of close to 1 FOOT!

Even my morning glory mound is “showing off” this summer with huge growth that I have never seen before in a morning glory vine. Normally they have leaves that are less than 2 inches wide, but this thing is going bananas in its’ rich organic soil:

Here’s what most of the leaves look like. I used my hand as a visual reference:

Most if its’ leaves are 4 inches or better throughout the entire plant! It’s amazing to watch!

My fall crop of “bell peppers” are starting to “show off a little” with this beauty that is growing from a measly 12 inch high plant:

It is SO amazing how organic gardening and growing works!
Ever since I went to a pure organic program on my property a few years ago, I am amazed at how well plant-life responds and flourishes.. Gotta love it!

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Man Alive!!!! That is a Monster Sunflower if ever I saw one. One of those would be enough in my Garden to make it look full!!! It all looks amazing

1 Aug, 2010


your plants are a wonderful inspiration to go organic N2

1 Aug, 2010


gloriously big sunflower head - going to be some happy birds feeding on that - or do you keep it for yourself N2O?

4 Aug, 2010


Wow that is big, where do you get all the water from ? Here in the north west of UK we're short of it and have a hose-pipe ban, even though it's been raining almost every day recently. Are there many 'organic' gardeners like you over there? From what I here on the media you're all into chemicals and GM crops.

4 Aug, 2010

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