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Growing grass for cat consumption!


My two cats constantly try to escape out the back door and feed on the organically grown St. Augustine grass at the edge of the patio, so I planted them a little plug of grass in a container and feed it with the richest amendments that I have. When the container St. Augustine grass needs “mowing”, I’ll bring the pot indoors and the cats just love it!
Here’s Smokey-boy looking at “his” plant after chowing down:

This particular little “plug” of St. Augustine grass grows at a rate much faster than the cats can eat it, so this routine is working out great.
Cats will often eat grass as a digestive stabilizer when they sense something “out of whack” in their system and a little pot like this is a great addition to any cat feeding ritual. Just be sure to grow your potted grass organically to prevent any chemicals from harming your cats.
The grass will love you for that and grow faster than the cats can eat it!

This is only a 5 inch pot that will service 2 fully grown cats, so if you have more cats, consider growing a larger Sq. area of grass for them.

Organically grown St. Augustine grass needs a container that is at least 6 inches deep because of the accelerated root depth that can run as deep as 8 inches in some cases.

Hope this experiment helps with any cat lovers out there!

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Lovely blog Thank you I grow cat nip for my cat he loves it He rubs himself in it .rolls around and in general it sends him daft. He is 9 years old but he carries on acting like a kitten Cat nip comes up again every year as well

19 Jun, 2010


I grow 3 plants of Nepita for my cat I have more than one because he eats them and they need time to recover

19 Jun, 2010


I planted one Nepeta, our cat almost chewed it to nothing, bought another and she too goes frantic with it !

19 Jun, 2010


Will have to look into getting some Nepeta. One of my cats is eating the leaves of my sparaxis! Can't be good for her.

19 Jun, 2010


Ahhh, the things that we do for our cats! {chuckle}
I constantly research anything that can be organically grown that would benefit
my little "Smokey Boy".

26 Jun, 2010

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