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Where my GOY nickname came from..


It is interesting how we all pick a nickname on some websites and GOY is no exception.
Here’s the explanation behind mine:
I was heavily into plants as a new hobby but my last hobby had been land speed racing and I wanted to incorporate the two hobbies into one “user name” which is “N2Organics”.
When you first look at it, you think, “ok, he’s in to organics”. But there is a hidden chemical formula in the nick-name from my previous hobby!
The chemical formula is the first three letters, which are N2O. That is Nitrous Oxide, from my racing hobby.
This was the back seat of my 1968 427 Camaro back in the old days:

Two 250 horsepower nitrous oxide kits on one engine:

I just wish that I will someday learn how to “soup up plants” as well! :-))))

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LOL, my nickname was due to my husband, he was so desperate to grow a MELON...which we had no success with and have not bothered this fact other than help build a frame around my strawberries he has not done much in the garden with me this year.

15 May, 2010


You should try growing melons under a strict organic program and see what happens! Melons respond to an organic program better than most other plants and taste SO yummy! ;-)

15 May, 2010

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