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Growing with the moon in June


Well May is nearly past and it is time to give you the info for growing in June. We’ve had mixed success with our germination this year – probably due to the fluctuating temperature and David has had to reseed in some cases… One crop which is looking good in both the moon and control beds in the potatoes with 100% germination! Mind you we waited for the soil to warm up before we planted.

So here goes June…

Tips for growing with the Moon in June

Continue to thin carrots, parsnips, beetroot, spinach beet and spring onions; this helps to get air and water around the remaining seedlings. Remember to thin carrots on a windy day and replace the fleece once they have been thinned.

A healthy garden will have both pests and predators; unfortunately the pests will appear before predators, so keep them at bay by simply rubbing them off. Nip or snip off any plant parts covered in black fly and remove completely from the garden. Young brassica plants can get little holes in the leaves, flea beetle causes these, but if the plant is sturdy it will pass. Pick off slugs, snails and caterpillars you see until the birds and frogs move in to help – feed them to your hens if you have any. Use natural, organic insecticides and fungicides if you do need to treat for pests. Apply insecticide in the early morning preferably on 1 – 5, 10 – 12 and 29 – 30. Apply fungicide in the evening, preferably on 1- 3, 8 – 11, and 26 – 30.

Planting by the Moon

Roots: prepare the ground/sow seed on 1 – 3, 10 (pm) – 12, 19 – 21 and 28 (after 10am) – 30. Beetroot, carrots, endive and radish can all be sown in the open ground.

Fruits: prepare the ground/sow seed on 8 (after 3pm) – 10 (before 11am), 16 (after 11am), 26 and 27 (pm) – 28 (10am). French beans, runner beans and peas can be sown in the open ground. Courgette, marrow, pumpkin/squash and sweet corn seedlings can all be planted out.

Leaves: prepare the ground/sow seed on 5 (after 1pm) – 8 (before 3pm), 16 (before 11am) and 23 (after 2pm) – 25. Late cabbage, celery, Chinese cabbage (2nd half of month), Endive, lettuce and salad greens, parsley and Swiss chard can be sown in the open ground. With many leaf crops including the salad vegetables and Swiss chard it is a good idea to sow small amounts of seed every week or so to keep up a fresh supply of produce. Transplant your Brussels sprout seedlings.

Flowers: prepare the ground/sow seed on 3 (after 11am) – 5 (before 1pm), 14 and 22 – 23 (before 2pm). Broccoli, Calabrese and cauliflowers can be sown outdoors. The seedlings of broccoli, cauliflower and Calabrese also need planting out now.

Harvesting in June

Harvest your root vegetables from 12 – 24 June when the Moon is descending, the best days to harvest are between 18 – 19 June. Harvest beetroot, early carrots, radish, spring onion, summer turnips and new potatoes (2nd half of month).

Harvest all other vegetables on 1 – 12, 25 – 26 and 28 (pm) – 30 June when the Moon is ascending, the best harvesting days are 1 – 2, 26 and 29. Harvest autumn sown broad beans, lettuce, peas, and spinach.

No work or harvesting should be done in the garden on 14 before noon descending node, 15 perigee and 27 before noon ascending node.

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That is really a very nice blog.What will we have grown with the moon in July.I would like to try to grow some veg.My grandchildren call alot so it would be impossible to use the they use it to play ,but I have a shed with a concrete roof but it positioned in the shade.Would it be possible to grow veg there in boxes and tubs if so what soil would you use.Something like Multi Purpose Compost A willing learner J.J

27 Jun, 2010


Sorry Johnjoe you really can't grow veg inside a shed. The need sunlight and fresh air.

28 Jun, 2010


Hi Moon grower you mistook what I ment. I was refering to roof of the shead

28 Jun, 2010


Okay some obvious questions
How are you going to get the containers and the soil up onto the roof
How are you going to water
Just how strong is the roof the containers when full of soil are going to be very heavy
Does the roof get any direct sunlight

Once you've answered these questions I can give you more info

28 Jun, 2010


Hi Moon grower the answers to your question 1 The roof of the shed is 9' from the ground,with the help of someone I would use bucket and rope. Question 2. I have a water point at the shed so 15' of hose sees no problem.Question 3 The roof is made of reinforced concrete.
I am talking about a box about 4' x 3'x10". Question 4 No it gets no direct sunlight.

P.S I originally intended when I built the shed 25 years ago to put a glasshouse on it 6' x 4' even though my garden is south facing. My neighbour behind me grew trees that has the shed shaded,

28 Jun, 2010


Without any direct sunlight the veg. is going to have a problem growing and ripening properly. It is going to be windier up on the roof than it is at ground level, meaning you are likely to have to water more often. As the roof is concrete you will need to make sure you have good drainage so that the soil does not become water logged at the bottom.

Much as I want to say give it a go and good luck I honestly don't think it will work. To see if it is likely to work, get hold of a polystyrene salmon box. Make some holes in the bottom and seal the holes using a hot air gun. Take up to the roof and raise up on bricks or blocks. cover the holes with broken crocks and fill with good organic compost and soil improver along with a bit of bonemeal. So some salad leaves, radish and other quick growing veg. such as spinach and see what happens.

28 Jun, 2010


Hi Moon Grower thank you for your honest advice you are right.It would probably not worth the effort.Will look forward to your next blog

Thanking you again J.J.

28 Jun, 2010


You are welcome JJ sorry I couldn't be positive on this one!

28 Jun, 2010


Planting by the moon sounds very pagan especially if you have to garden in the moonlight, whatever would the neighbours think ??

16 Jul, 2010


I have never yet garden by the moonlight Davey there is nothing pagan about it. It is a tried and tested method of growing that is part of the biodynamic method of growing your crops.

16 Jul, 2010


Not Pagan, really ?
"Moon Gardening, Magick, and Astrological Timing, the ancient practice of planting specific crops during certain phases of the moon. Wiccan moon celebrationsfor Moon Goddesses and Planetary correspondence"
Taken from "Garden Witch craft"

21 Jul, 2010


That is the pagan angle. Has nothing to do with the actual method of growing by the moon's cycle. The biodynamic movement has been in existence for nearly 100 years now and the methods they use to grow crops are based on scientific evidence.

21 Jul, 2010


Well I guess you really wouldnt want to admit it would you ;-)

22 Jul, 2010

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