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Plans for the long weekend


By mizzle


I get Friday and Monday off this weekend and apparently tomorrow and saturday are going to be dry so I have great gardening ambitions! I thought I would jot it down on the blog so that in a few weeks time I can look back and remind myself what I was aiming for!

Project Hedgehog is still underway. The grass up the back of the garden is very long and the dandelions are loving it! It’s making the place look a bit untidy so I’m going to trim it a bit this weekend and remove the dandelions. I’ll dig up the weeds at the back of the garage ready for some plants. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to put there but I have a list of plants that don’t mind shade (taken from this blog and the RHS website) so I’ll see what’s available in the garden centres.

Slug Warz: I’m losing this battle! The Salvias are all gone and the slug(s) are now attacking my Marguerite daisy plant which now looks like a skeleton :( This is after I’ve put down crushed egg shells, used coffee granules and oats. I read a blog the other day about Slug Off and someone else has also mentioned “Nemaslug”. I’m not sure if any of the local garden centres stock these so I’ll have a wee look around. If I can’t get a natural/non-chemical slug repellent then I’ll have to have a think about how I’m going to grow plants in the flower bed because they’re not getting a chance at the moment!

Poor chewed Salvia plants

Herbs: I started a wee herb garden around my patio which is doing really well! I know the herbs I have are not difficult to grow but as a new gardener I’m very pleased they’ve managed to survive my inexperience!

Chives and parsley


Privacy: The left side of my garden is closed off and even if people look out their bedroom windows it would be difficult for them to see anything in my back garden. However, the right side is open to all eyes and elements! My fence is ok but it’s low and the neighbours’ fences/trees were victims to Hurricane Bawbag back in December 2011 (no none of the neighbours have replaced them!). There are children 2 doors down who stand in their garden and stare right across at hubby and I as we (I) go about our (my) gardening tasks or even if we’re just sitting on our patio having a coffee and a chat. Now, I’ve been living in the city for 8 years before moving to the village so I’m used to living my life with the eyes of the world on me but usually this is not blatant stone cold staring! It’s very discomforting. So without offending my very nice elderly neighbour directly adjoining us, I’m having to think of some way to keep the staring eyes off my patio/herb garden at least. I’ve been researching trellises and screens to add to the fence that’s already there so now I need to go and have a proper look at them to see what would fit. As a child I would get into trouble if I was caught staring at anyone…

Front garden: I’m still a bit stuck with the front garden as it’s all stone and no lawn. I do have pots but they’re all different so the garden is all a bit haphazard! I’d like to create some borders or even a flower bed in the middle but that’s a job for another day! This weekend, I need to replace the spring annuals in the wheelbarrow with summer ones.

Wheelbarrow (housewarming gift from dad) in the front garden

So that’s the task list for tomorrow and Saturday. I hope I manage to stick to it – by putting it in a blog I’m more likely to stay focused! Hope you all have a successful gardening weekend too!

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Enjoy your week end. Lets hope the weather stays fine for you.
I find I go out in the garden for a quick coffee and get side tracked and getting stuck in when I should be doing something else.
Broken egg shells around plants can deter slugs as they do not like crossing over sharp bits, I rinse and save mine all winter so I have enough to do this.

22 May, 2014


Beer traps are the traditional way to thwart the little beasts, in this neck of the woods anyway. Perhaps it's traditional as you only need a little and rest of the bottle needs to be drunk to stop it going to waste!
This link gives details or you could just type in slug beer trap to a search box.

22 May, 2014


You've lots planned Mizzle. Hope you get some of it crossed of your list.
I've been up to my neck in 'Project Privacy' since New Year. It's all come together now and have a tree to plant at the weekend, then jobs a good 'Un!
I've a gravel area outside my back door that looks similar to your front garden. I was inspired by a garden makeover by one of our members Sharnford. A few carefully placed stones, logs and pebbles and her gravel bed look great. It's worth a wee look. Here's the link

22 May, 2014


I hope you get all your jobs done ... and without being stared at. I find I can't do anything if I am being watched.
Salvias always remind me of my gran. She bought them every year, and the slugs always had them lol ... every year the same !

23 May, 2014


Thanks for your words of encouragement!
Drc, I do exactly the same with my coffee! I've left late for work a few times because I've got distracted!
Honeysuckle, thanks for the beer idea! I tried that last night and caught a few slugs. I didn't even use that much beer as hubby was reluctant to let it go lol
Scottish thanks for the link. Sharnford' s garden looked really good! I'm not very good at designing things but I have a simplified idea that I hope to try soon. Will keep you posted!
Hywel, the slugs in your gran's garden must have been as happy as mine with all those yummy salvias haha I don't think I'll buy them again though, I end up all sad and disappointed when I lose a plant!

26 May, 2014


Late arriving here as the weekend has gone, just popped on to say I enjoyed your blog, brought back memories, we now have a 6ft fence all around our garden except just off the yard, left purposely so I can chat to my very friendly neighbours, like you we didn't want to upset them, years ago when it was only 3ft my hubby used to hate being watched, it would really wind him up and he would leave what he was doing and storm off indoors, even if it was only my neighbours grandchildren that were watching him, lol....

26 May, 2014

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